Regional Manager

job role

The Regional Manager in the Marketing Department at Team Interval plays a critical role in driving the growth
and success of the company. This position requires a dynamic individual with exceptional leadership and
communication skills, a proven track record in generating sales revenue, and the ability to manage and expand
the company’s regional presence.

skills required

Supervise the Edu Counselor team, consisting of individuals responsible for generating Paid Assessments.
Motivate and lead the team to achieve their goals, fostering a positive and productive work environment.
Develop and execute strategies to drive sales revenue for the company in the assigned region.
Monitor sales performance and identify areas for improvement.
Identify and evaluate opportunities for regional expansion.
Develop and execute expansion plans in coordination with company objectives.
Analyze market trends and customer feedback to make informed expansion decisions.
Manage and oversee the successful implementation of expansion projects.
Collaborate with the marketing department to develop strategies for capturing new markets.


• Bachelor’s degree or higher in a related field.
• More than 3 years of experience in B2C sales, with a preference for experience in the same industry.
• Minimum 1 year of team handling or management experience.
• A proven record of successfully building sales revenue.
• Exceptional communication and interpersonal skills.

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